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of policies, whether it's the carbon tax, in ohio, in missouri and wyoming, in the vast middle of the country, our energy comes from fossil fuels. those are the resources we have. our focus should be on using those more effectively, not figuring out ways that key wee couldn't use them at all or figuring out ways to double the utility bill. the e.p.a.'s own estimate of their own rule that the -- they say would go up 80% if the rule is in place. i think that's probably a little bit optimistic on their part but 80%, that's almost doubling your current utility bill by two and then thinking about where you work or your daughter-in-law works or your son-in-law works or somebody in your family works, double the utility bill there and decide whether or not there would still be a utility bill there or that company would decide to go somewhere else. the incredibly capable and competitive american work force is being held back bayou tilt policies -- by utility policies that hold people back. the energy cost of manufacturing according to the national association of manufacturers and others, is that a key
at home. a landslide in the west is threatening one wyoming resort town. here is nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: it's a hazard moving in slow motion, a landslide now starting to pick up speed ripping a vacant home in half. >> my buddy is like dude, we're watching that house break apart right now, get down here. >> reporter: for two weeks the resort town of jackson, wyoming kept on eye on this fractured hillside. the earth is buckling beneath the parking lot of a new drugstore as more rocks and gravel tumble down the slope with geologists warning the chucks could get bigger. that increased danger forced crews to abandon efforts to stabilize the hill. several homes reman evacuated with no end in sight. >> this is a big deal for the town. >> reporter: across the country, the u.s. gee log kill survey say s there are hundreds and thousands of mudslides and landslides every year. >> almost every citizen in the united states could potentially experience a landslide. >> reporter: just on friday a landslide near oakland took out several trees knocking out power to hundreds. last month a mud
. thank you for your time. coming up, we will hear from another member of congress, the senator of wyoming, the republican of that state. later in the program, the obama administration's approach to deportation. first up, we will get a news update from c-span radio. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> that democrats in congress -- making a concerted effort aimed at closing a composition gender gap aimed at men. today, the president signed an executive order from retaliating against workers who discuss their pay. he will also direct the labor department to issue new rules are hiring federal contractors to provide race and gender, and nation data. the senate plans to take up legislation that would make it easier for workers to sue companies for paying women less than men because of gender. the senate meets today at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. live coverage on c-span two. the house also begin at 10:00 eastern. appropriations and budget hearings continue. cq writes this morning that thanks to a situation in the ukrain
court weighs in. taking the long way home. the journey of wyoming's mule dear. first, richelle carey with the top stories in the briefing. >> a landmark decision by the supreme court stood in a 6-2 ruling. the court uphead a michigan amendment banning affirmative action. the justices found states have the rights to decide whether you public university should take race into account when accepting students. president obama is in the air on the way to japan, for the first stop of its week-long foreign policy. an issue, a tense standoff over who controls a set of remote islands. on the agenda, the nuclear threat posed by north korea. >> the country is thinking about all of it. and has been throughout the tragedy. >> before he left for asia the president stopped in oso washington, where 41 tide in a mudslide -- died in a mudslide. he met with families of those people and offered support. he took a tour of the areas devastated by the mudslide. it's the one month of that horrible tragedy. >> tonight the ukraine crisis. the nation's acting president ordered military action against pro-russia
: the senator from wyoming. mr. barrasso: yesterday president obama held an event at the white house to talk about his health care law. the president said -- quote -- "the debate over repealing this law is over. he said the affordable care act is here to stay. that's what president obama said yesterday. of course, last october president obama said that his health care law was -- quote -- "the law of the land." then he went ahead and changed or delayed the law more than 20 times after that. on his own, without coming to congress. if it's the law of the land, how does he get to change the law of the land 20 times? back on march 6, president obama said that the democrats' health care law he said -- quote -- "is working the way it should." if the law is working the way it should, why do people in wyoming keep telling me how bad the law is for them personally? just the other day i heard from a woman in rollins, wyoming, she wrote "my husband has been self-employed as a small truck driving company sevicing the oil and gas fields in wyoming for over 13 years. she said we have always purchased indiv
that it is going to happen. ok to say people ought to go out and shoot folks but wyoming, my home state that is probably protected speech. shoot you say let's go somebody in wyoming that is incitement to violence so it is know when g to somebody crosses that lin. he had been in and out of courts been watched but you never know. gwen: thank you for that and thanks. here but we will keep talking screen on the washington webcast extra where we will parse through the stories we didn't get through including the of rand paul. that is is 8:30 eastern and all at we week. eep up with daily documents with judy woodruff and me on the we will see you here again next week. good night and happy easter. funding for "washington week" is provided y by. the most amazing things away build and it doesn't even fly. do it within classrooms and exhibit halls mentoring novators.s in we preserve habitats and serving america's veterans. every day thousands of olunteers help make their communities the best they can be building something better for all of us. funding for "washington wee
. >>> wyoming's republican senator all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. ahoy, mateys. house? hello, dear. hello. hello. van with airbrushed fire-breathing dragons. ah! check. thank you. the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. >>> wyoming's republican senator is one of those incumbents running for re-election this year and who has to worry not only about running against a democrat to hold on to his seat but also running against primary challengers who were taking him on within his own party. i have some good news for him because here is his potential right wing challenger. yeah, that's a rocket propelled grenade launcher. here is another one. yep, thomas bleming. he says his occupation is soldier of fortune. he's a mercenar
town in wyoming, there's major concern tonight about a landslide that's still on the move. here is nbc's joe fryer from jackson hole. >> reporter: video taken from the air shows a fractured hillside in jackson, wyoming, with cracks large enough to rip a vacant home in half. what started two weeks ago as a slow moving slide has picked up speed. already the earth is buckling beneath the parking lot of a new drugstore as more rocks and gravel tumble down with officials warning the chunks could get bigger. >> there's quite a bit of rock slide occurred. >> reporter: across the country, the u.s. geological survey says there are hundreds of thousands of landslides and mudslides each year. >> and like many other natural hazards, they actually do endanger people's lives occasionally. >> reporter: on average landslides kill 25 to 50 people a year and create more than $1 billion in damage. last month a massive fast moving mudslide leveled a town in washington killing at least 39. in wyoming experts say it's unlikely this slope will collapse quickly. still, several homes remain evacuated with no e
? the presiding officer: the senator from wyoming. mr. barrasso: thank you, mr. president. i ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. barrasso: thank you, mr. president. mr. president, this week president obama has been holding what to me appear to be made-for-tv events to talk about the economy. he's talked about the policies that he wants congress to enact, policies that he says will finally get america's economy going again. well, president obama has been in the white house now for more than five years, so i think it's fair to ask, what has this administration, the obama administration, been doing for the economy for the past five years? we know that the recession actually ended almost five years ago. since then, our economy has not bounced back the way it should have or the way it typically does after a deep recession. the obama administration has spent a lot of money on failed ideas like the so-called stimulus package. since the recession ended, washington has racked up more than $6 trillion worth of additional debt -- additional de
. >> here in the united states, we have to talk about a mud slide in wyoming you wanted to brief us about? >> it's interesting we would start to see things slide in other places especially because we know that mudslides can be related to how much water is coming down out of the sky, how much snowfall and rainfall and when you talking about wyoming, south of the grand tetons, the city of jackson is where this hill is sliding you can see folks are looking tus because it has split a house in two. there is a home right there on the edge of the hill that has begun as the hill started to give way that split it. i wanted to look at temperature and rainfall for wyoming. so far in the last three months to get an idea of this t they are speculating on the exact cause of this hill sliding down and splitting this home. as we focus in this little area here, circled is about where the jackson hole area is. the % of normal of rainfall, we go back to the legend here look at the colors and see they were above normal when it comes to rainfall. not much but just a little bit. lights look at temperatures. th
wyoming, an facility in opal, wyoming, and the fire is still burning even though officials have turned off a series of gas pipelines that feed the facility. as of now there are no reports of injuries in all 42 plant employees have been accounted for. opal is roughly 144 miles from salt lake city. >>> how is this for a great deal. seven for the price of one? apple's stock split and what is behind it, and youtube marks a milestone. what was once a way to watch goofy videos is now a marketing, we'll talk to a cyber illusion. and then we'll talk about what a cyber illusionist is. >> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> apple delivered a slew of big announcements that sent their stocks higher in after hours trading. apple, still the most valuable company in the world even with a stock that has fallen flat over the last six months. the shares are up 8% after hours. apple announced a stock split effective on
today and tell a story about a family in wyoming. and i don't know the specifics of the family there but let's jut talk about in a state like wyoming, which is on the federal exchange, the real story of the options that are out there for families out there, i think my friend from wyoming was talking about a family of five. again, i can't know all the specifics of that family, but let's just say that family of five in carbon county, wyoming, was making $100,000 a year, which would be about twice the average salary in that state and across the country. well, that family of five making $100,000 a year would qualify for a $677-per-month tax credit, a bronze plan would be about $550 to $750 per month. that's about 40% cheaper than a lot of private plans that may be available today. let's say that family is actually making the median income in wyoming, which is around $56,000. if you're making $56,000 and you're a family of five in wyoming, all your kids will qualify for medicaid, which is virtually free. and the parents would qualify for a tax credit of $528 per month. and a bronze
enforcement officers are on happened. we are live in boston. >>> on edge. an incredible scene in wyoming where the mountainside is slowly cracking. the force of it so powerful it split one house in two. this morning the anxious wait for the residents below. >>> down but not out. a horrifying scene as a 90 mile-an-hour pitch hits a minor leaguer in the face. now he's nursing a massive bruise, but apparently that's not stopping him from talking. >>> and george steals the show again. the royals take a trip to the zoo as will and kate take a back seat to their little prince. today, easter sunday, april 20th, 2014. >>> welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. happy easter. >> i'm lester holt. we're supposed to come on after prince george. >> imagine how you feel if you had to follow him and you're his parents. >> i'm thinking harper and prince george? >> i didn't want to say anything, but i was waiting for the right time to introduce the two of them. thursday seems like a good time. >> set up a play date. >> is harper going to tweet that? >> she will. george will never know who harper is, let's f
of legislation that i'm -- that my friend from wyoming and so many others were involved in developing what this legislation does is lay down clear sanctions, first beginning today -- or after passage beginning with sanctions sanctions that hit several important entities in the banking sector and the energy sector so that we actually do something that affects the russian economy until such a time as they pull those troopsway from the border and they remove -- those troops away from the body and they remove the black ops from inside the country that are fomenting the problems. in the event that russia does actually cross the border with those troops, this bill imposes much deeper sanctions on russia and significant ifand signifies to them what price they would pay. earlier this week when the administration put forth its sanctions, it was a marvel to see that the stock market in russia several days in a row continued to go up, had no effect on russia -- none. mr. president, editorial writers and people on beige sides of the aisle -- on both sides of the aisle understand this was nothing, noth
in the country and is bigger than restaurant in wyoming which both have full representation in congress well d c only gets one non voting delegate. what would happen is the strictly federal portion of the government would stand a federal district but the part of dc for example like this tree was standing on that has nothing to do with the federal government to tell the residents and businesses would become part of the fifty first date tentatively called new columbia bed. we're open to suggestions. the two thousand ten compromise effort that would give in to see one seed in the house of representatives was torpedoed after republicans added on an amendment to the bill to lucy gun restrictions in the district. but strauss is confident that dc statehood will ultimately succeed. dc statehood is part of the tradition of progressive change towards equal justice and equality for all americans. then again it's not an easy struggle but in the end i think we'll be successful. really committees in congress are again taking up the issue in a new bill to make dishes state has collected fourteen co sponsors in
billion, 10 from places like lake tahoe. john: biggest per capita winners, florida, montana, wyoming, south carolina, and vermont. >> yes. john: losers, alaska, new york, washington d.c., illinois, maryland. >> right. if you look at total tax burden as a percent of your income, high tax states give their income away, and lower tax states doing better and better and better. john: and people watching now they can download their own version of this? just go to the web site. >> right. john: how many. >> how money walks, you could have this information for your industry, councily and state -- county, state on your smartphone on our app or surfing web map. john: useful, i like that it states now advertise their tax advantage, florida and texas, ran these ads. >> 0% personal income tax, that is right. 0. the best place to get away from it all is also the best place to get it all done. grow your company in florida. >> if you are tired of same recipe of over taxation, over regulation, and frivolous litigation, get out before you go broke. >> texas is calling. john: texas governor rick perry e
, wyoming, south carolina, and vermont, biggest winners. >> that's right. the high tax states are giving their income away and lower tax states are doing better and better and better. >> and people watching now, they can download their own version of this just by going to this website. >> >> it's useful. florida and texas ran these ads. >> 0% personal income tax. that's right. zero. the best place to get away from it all is also the best way to get it all done. grow your company in florida. >> if you're tired of overtaxation, get out. >> tax governor rick perry escalated the tax competition by naming other states and trashing other states. >> if you took the book of regulations in new york, 25,000 pages. we have no state income tax. >> i love that he points out the other states. >> governor perry is in new york to recruit and get more business. >> new new york is open. open to innovation. that's why new york has a new plan. dozen of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years. >> that's not jus
from winter weathers just yet, even though it's spring time. this was earlier this week in wyoming. look at this. snowy, icy, windy conditions on i-80 mile-marker 264 east of elk mountain around 2:00 p.m. this is a truck driver taking video from inside his rig. part of the 47-car pileup out there. >> oh, [ bleep ]. this guy is getting rear-ended right here. >> and you can hear accidents happening all around this guy. >> there's two more. holy [ bleep ]. he's going to get me. missed me. oh, my god. we got like [ bleep ] four trucks right here hitting each other and [ bleep ]. >> you can hear this guy worried about himself, the people around him. where can all these people go? >> he says his truck might have gotten hit from behind but just a minor accident. he's walking back here and now you're going to see some of the serious damage that's going on right behind this guy. >> oh, man. >> he's walking up to this scene. you can see this is just a mess. >> holley [ bleep ] they're still crashing back there, aren't they? are you okay? can you get out? >> oh, man. >> seven people had to go
is expected to be completed in the next week. >>> back here at home tonight and to wyoming. a land slide in one home is now cut in two. abc's mike boettcher with the stunning image tonight. >> reporter: a home hanging on for dear life on the mountain side above jackson, wyoming, an ever widening crack, a sign of a mountain side about to give way. >> we were told that the hillside was unstable and that crack started to form and the asphalt is starting to come up and looks like the road is sinking a little bit. >> reporter: why it's happening no one knows for sure. it could be recent construction at the site or the wet winter that's loosened the rocks and soil. if the hillside gives way, experts say it won't be suddenly like this land slide caught on camera in italy. fresh in everyone's mind, the oso, washington land slide last month that killed 39. that mountain side gave way in an instant without warning. an extremely wet winter there liquefied a slope above a populated valley, resulting in a high death toll. there is no national monitoring system for unstable hillsides scattered across
the limestone and the earth to fall in. >>> and in wyoming, they're trying to figure out how to stop a landslide. the slide has damaged water pump houses, lampposts, asphalt and even a house in an area near a walgreens. the sewer lines beneath the road have also been fractured. crews had to plug the sewer while a more permanent solution is attempted. >>> new footage has emerged of the captain of that sunken south korean ferry. he was seen receiving medical treatment shortly after he reached shore following the capsizing of his ship. he has since been arrested on five charges including negligence of duty and abandoning people in need. this morning at least seven crew members have been detained. they're accused of not protecting their passengers. >>> time running out in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. the robot submarine provided by the u.s. navy has now covered about half of the area designated for the search, and it should be finished by the end of the week. at that point the search may end if nothing's been found. so far nothing has turned up. >>> well, there's been a new round of
. ♪ nationwide is on your side >>> wyoming's republican senator is one of those incumbents oning for re-election this year and who has to worry not only about running against a democrat to hold on to his seat but also running against primary challengers who were taking him on within his own party. i have some good news for him because here is his potential right wing challenger. yeah, that's a rocket propelled grenade launch er. here is another one. yep, thomas blem iing. he says his occupation is soldier of fortune. he's a mercenary available for hire around the world. this, for example, is him posing are a rebel group in burma. thomas blemg calls himself a soldier of fortune and is a candidate for the united states senate from the great state of wyoming trying to unseat mike enzi. he recently explained to "u.s. news & world report." i assassinate add guy one time. i can't say where, but he had it coming to him. he was fairly easy. he was a bad guy. mike enzi is lucky enough to have confessed assassin bleming because the previous challenger dropped out of the race. liz cheney for a bri
. the rock formation on top of the oil reserve is what gave both the site in wyoming and the scandal its name. it's called the teapot dome. sadly, in 1962, a big windstorm blew the spout off the teapot, off what had been the teapot. doesn't look like a teapot dome anymore, looks like a little castle or lump or something. but after the scandal happened in the 1920s, this huge scandal, the navy, not surprisingly, decided that when they transferred their rights to that oil field into this den of thieves, right, when they gave it to the interior department and then it turned into this huge bribery-laden scandal, the navy decided that had actually been a fraudulent transaction. after the whole scandal blew open, the navy took back the teapot oil field in wyoming. they said, never mind, warren g. harding, never mind, interior department, never mind, oil companies, we're taking this back. it's ours once again. and they have held on to it ever since. ever since this terrible scandal. over the years, all the other oil fields, all the other naval petroleum reserves that we got back in the 1900s or 19-t
the most harrowing of our experiences as a fight between denver and cheyenne, wyoming. it was april. and we had a blizzard. and we had a four seater with five people on it. so one person had to sit on the john. so the only thing, and i'm sure we understand, we needed two pilots. so what we thought were clouds were snow-covered mountain paths. and we were in trouble when bill clinton called hillary could tell her how much he loved her. [laughter] but luckily we made it. and some of these things are very important. because wyoming had an early caucus. and in that caucus mikesell is the governor, kathy karpen was secretary of date, which in wyoming is the equivalent of lieutenant governor. and that caucus was held in her basement. it was clinton's first major win in the 1992 election. so they probably thought that the flight was worth it. so at cleveland we laid out our agenda and we were not very popular with democratic interest groups. the host senator actually created a whole different group called the coalition for democratic values to oppose this. we woke up having jesse jackson protested
of the public that wyoming want to speak on that. >> director reiskin our presentation. >> good evening members of the board and public. i appreciate the tint as our sfmta director we're charged by side board of supervisors policy we've been tripod in the industry educator to advance the city's charter of employee shuttles that are the proposed pilot subject are a form of permit that at least on their face is vance the cities policy consistent with virtual policy. however, as i've said we've heard very clearly and well articulated before i many speakers and public in the past there are effects that those shuttles are having that are not supportive of our policy goals liquor details on muni to name a significant one for us. so that's exactly the reason why we're proposing to bring structure to this as a means of elevating this transit system to development a regulatory benefit to capture the good while eliminating the bad so allowing the politely to proceed it will allow to us build the regulatory framework to bring order to the system that right now is visually unregulated will give us
whenever a vehicle refuses the citation. we had a number wyoming be the illegal stops would be $1.1 million a day that's assuming 4 thousand 21 stops from sfmta the stops that occur in a day. >> assuming that they had enough traffic officers to issue the so i guess for the life of the pilot how much money is the city choosing not to collect in the citations. based on the $1 million a day for the 18 most period i'm not doing it calculations off the top of my head it's substantial >> maybe you can make that and come back to us. >> they would get a citation again and again. we assume that behavior with change after a southern amount of citations but if not well >> in a given day 3 hundred and via million. >> it's 3 hundred and 65 million. >> do you have a sense of how it is that thought 13 hundred - 13 thousand citations optional fyi were to the shuttles how does that happen. >> we required mta and the police department about their policy for issuing citations most develops said they don't have a policy issuing citations to shuttles but i would somewhere is in both case it's proitsz wit
was rolling. this first video from juking is from the snow king pond skim in jackson hole, wyoming. this lady not paying attention at all. looks like she might be texting. might be doing anything but watching the event. >> she's figuring out her instagram filter. >> it's going to cause her some big old problems. >> oh. >> she's right in thline of fire. >> thi is where the skier are i. >> she went like a rocket. >> she skimmed the heck out of that pond and skimmed right through that lady but look at her, she's laughing her butt off after this. >>> this next wipeout is going to blow your mind. >> what? >> oh, wow. >> it doesn't seem like they were expecting a wave that size. watch as this wave starts cresting. he just gets catapulted through the air. >> he doesn't have a whole lot of water to cushion his fall. >> she's in shallow water. >> you want that 50 feet out in the water. >>> it's always kind to tip street performers, throw a couple of bucks in. but if you're a performer yourself like stuart edge, you can't just throw the money in the pot. >> being a performer myself i know how hard it c
into jackson hole, wyoming. thank you for flying united. reckon we'll be landin' soon. phil, honey, you promised-- not till we got there. okay. this year, we're going to a dude ranch with the whole family. mm-hmm. the family. what if dylan buys his own ticket? we'll be sleeping in separate cabins. what if dylan and i share a horse? mm, i hate landing. we'll get through this. alex: wow! it's so pretty. what are you doing? i want my ears to pop. try putting a little rouge on 'em. nobody gets me. wow. isn't this beautiful, little cowgirl? you hate her sparkly outfit, don't you? no, i told you, it's fine.
. >> lucy perez donated $5 for his digging up try ser tops in wyoming. anybody with a specific scientific question to ask strangers for money for research into almost anything. company's scientists vet every prompt before they put it on the website. technology, medicine, ecology, social science, psychology. >> dr. seigor hit his modest fundraising goal, and bones that might not have been on earth r. >> $200,000 there to go collect something like this is a big deal for us. >> in return, they get access to the process. he and his assistants posted blogs. and lindsay and her fundraisers will be invited to special events. >> we keep in mind, what are we going to tell them today? what are they going to want to see? >> it may be a different kind of research funding but it's a familiar startup story. this is world headquarters of >> we roll out of bed and come here. >> a cramped san francisco office and living space, where so far the company has collected $600,000 in funding. the website and the work sight growing beyond what cindy wu ever expected. >> six of us work there every
. >> lizie donated $5 to dig up a dinosaur in wyoming. she did it through a crowd source fundraising platform that allows anybody with a specific scientific question and solid methodology to ask strangers for money for research into almost everything. >> biology, projects in medicine, space, ecology, social sciences, psychology. >> the doctor hit his modest fundraising goal wimp the company requires before anybody gets paid. some 67-year-old bones that might not have been on earth were. >> $2,000 here or there to go and collect something like this makes a big deal for us, it's a big deal for us. >> in return, investors get access to the process. he and his assistant blogged and posted pictures from the dig site. lizzy and her fellow funders will be invited to events. >> every day, it was exciting, what are we going to tell them today, what are they going to want to see. >> it's a familiar start up story. this is world hears of >> we just brought an event a understand get to work down here. >> a cramped san francisco office and living space where so far the company has helped r
or the traditional equivalent of it, but the exception being wyoming is the one state that does not. are we going to get a federal shield law? >> i think we are. it is i think the odds of getting a shield law passed certainly by the senate and maybe buy a house are very large. it is very likely the senate will pass the bill this year. just about every democrat is for the bill. that is from my own personal lobbying as well as the publishers and all the other groups and a journalism lobbying them. we have five publicans on record being for it. three are cosponsors. committee, pleasantly enough, grassley and hatch voted for it. the fact that grassley is the ranking member of the judiciary committee helps. we will get a few more republicans, but we have 60 votes, and we are making an effort -- lamarr talks enter and i are trying to put bipartisan bills of significance on the floor that will actually pass. i have spoken to harry reid about four time, which is precious, and he seems very sympathetic. i think we will get up bill on the floor and pass it. >> in reporting for column on -- subject like yea
burden is between 8 and 10%. and the states in yellow have burdens less than 8%. folks in wyoming have the lowest tax burden in america, paying just 6.9% of their collective incomes in state and local taxes. alaska comes next, just 7% on the incomes in the state, followed by south dakota with 7.1%. new yorkers, where i am, have the highest, paying a whopping 12.6% of their collective income. new jersey is second, with 12.3% followed by connecticut at 11.9%. so basically if i were looking to relocate from new york to a nearby state, i would have move to new hampshire or virginia. they are the closest states with meaningful lower taxes but the commute time would eat up any money i might save doing that. when i talk about state and local taxes i'm just talking about counties and school districts. americans also pay taxes for water abatement districts, all of them eager to tax you. the number of these districts has balloons to 90,056. so your view of the tax picture have can a lot to do with the city, and county. just some places make you pay more for taxes while others give you more bang
is something that wyoming can help us. so at this time i'll open this up for public comment on item 4. if you want to speak step forward and line up on your right-hand side. good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the san francisco bicycle coalition. we're very excited to see the progress made in a short period the tragedy in the richmond district drives us to advocate for more ambition action. we want to commend the mta on their diligent work in establishing the accomplice of zero vision this is in a epidemic we're president the hard data this is will be the best way to achieve vision zero and we should prioritize geneva and all corridors that are in dire need of improvements that he want to make sure that the necessary safety improvements and i believe that you as commissioners can help us achieve that. so that we can achieve vision zero on our most dangers street we'll continue to work with the city families to achieve that >> thank you. >> good afternoon nicole snider i want to thank the public health department for the data driven solutions we're excited they're going to be implemented
to denver by sunday. a wintry mix really for parts of wyoming. >>> so a few showers will push into the northeast as well today, but quiet, nice spring day for us. we're going to see some really nice temperatures. >> yeah. exactly what you want to hear heading into the weekend. thank you very much. >>> chimps on the loose in kc. hillary dodges a thrown shoe? and a big night at the induction ceremony for the rock and roll hall of fame. details next. >>> welcome back. chimps were on the loose at the kansas city zoo thursday. seven chimpanzees busted free, using a tree branch to scale the wall and then run along the top. luckily zoo officials were able to lure the chimps back with some treats. they used the whoppers, the chocolate malt balls. >>> more and more republicans are calling for louisiana congressman vance mcallister to resign in the wake of his kissing scandal. louisiana republican party chairman roger villary said his hypocrisy is, quote, why ordinary people are fed up with politics. >>> and the former assistant city manager of a los angeles suburb was sentenced to near
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